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Best Technologies in Termite Control
Pest Safari offers the most termite treatment options available. From infrared termite inspections to complete home termite treatments. We utilize the newest break-throughs in technology, and back it up with the strongest warranties around. *Formosan warranties available.
Pest Control
Pest Safari's household pest control treatments utilize the safest most effective methods for your home. From conventional pest control, to state of the art in wall injections, we can control hundreds of household pests as well as outdoor pests like mosquitoes.
New Home Construction
You only get one chance to do it right. Pest Safari offers everything from termite mesh barriers to in wall pest control tube installations. Come see the technology that can virtually termite proof your new home, while protecting the environment and your family.
Real Estate Termite Inspections
No one can provide a more superior termite inspection than Pest Safari. Utillizing cutting edge technology like infrared cameras and sonogram machines, we protect both the buyer and seller from any risk of a missed problem. Reports available at time of inspection.
Pensacola, Milton, Pace, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Mary Esther, Cantonment, Crestview
and surrounding areas.
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Why Choose Pest Safari?
• You shouldn't have to live with pests or pesticides!

• Knowledgeable Staff
- Pest Safari's friendly technicians are highly trained, state certified, licensed and insured. They can answer all your questions and solve your most difficult pest control problems.

• Technology - Only Pest Safari uses infra red and sonogram systems to locate hidden termites and pests inside your walls. Once they're found our state of the art "GREEN" pest control wall injection systems, take them down quickly, safely and cleanly.

• Value - At Pest Safari, you'll get the industries newest and best technologies, with the best customer service, at a price that will beat every pest control company in the Pensacola FL. area, and we do it all while maintaining a safe environment your your family and pets.

• All of our expeditions are 100% Guaranteed!
For Fast Service:
If I could give Pest Safari a true rating, it would be lots higher than 5 Stars. This company is run by professional efficient and effective pest control experts. They are dependable and always do an excellent job. Fantastic people to do business with!!

- Kim Widmaier
This company ROCKS! If you're NOT satisfied with your current Pest Control Company and/or are looking for a new Pest Control Company, Pest Safari is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You'll get A+ services at an extremely reasonable price.

- Fred Almada
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Subterranean termites mainly live underground or in protected areas such as galleries in wood. There is always ate least one queen and many more "secondary reproductives" are usually present. Most people never see a queen, but may have seen swarmers or workers. The total number of individuals in a colony of subterranean termites may total more than a million. Imagine a million insects attacking your house! Termites do not attack your house or building. They forage and find food sources, commonly in moist areas. Termites do a very good job of breaking down cellulose in the soil. When they discover your house or other buildings, they become a real pest and that is where Pest Safari comes in.
In most areas of the country, depending on the species, healthy subterranean termite colonies will "swarm" or send out winged reproductive termites to start new colonies in the spring. The swarmers are darker in color, some species almost black, and have four wings. One favorite question is how to tell termites from ants. First, ants generally do not swarm the same time as termites, but it can happen. The following is a description of how to tell termites from ants. If you have any questions at all about the identification of termites, call our office and we will be happy to help you.
Pest Control for firewood pests is best accomplished by managing your firewood. Never spray your firewood with an insecticide! This could result in harmful vapors when the wood is burned. Call Pest Safari, and we will be ready to offer you services, inspect, and identify any firewood pests to make sure they are not harmful to your home.
If it turns out you have wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants, termites or powder post beetles, we are here to offer the best pest control solution.
Your can assist us by taking the following first steps:

1. - Store firewood outdoors. Bring in only what you plan to burn immediately (within a few hours).

2. - Position the woodpile away from the side of the house and off the ground.

3. - Burn older wood first to minimize the time during which insect infestations can become established.
Firewood Pests:

Ultimate Termite & Pest Control

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If you need any form of pest control CALL GOLD WEB PEST SAFARI. These guys are AMAZING! We've used the team at Gold Web Pest Safari now for over 5 years, 3 houses, and have had zero (0) disappointments!

- David Dave Pasqualone
Mosquito Control Treatment
Mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance, they're dangerous...
Pest Safari is here to help you take back your yard. Our mosquito control treatment is designed to eliminate mosquitoes where they rest and hide while protecting your families health.
Fire Ant
Pest Safari's proven fire ant control treatments can help you experience a beautiful lawn without fire ants. Our inexpensive yard treatments work fast at elliminating entire colonies and helps to keep future fire ants from moving back in.
Lawn Mole
Lawn or ground moles can be very desructive to your yard and difficult to control. Pest Safari's mole extermination service can safely and effectively elliminate these pests in just three steps, and keep them out of your yard for up to a year.
Household Pest Control
Fire Ant Yard Treatments
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