Termite Pretreatment

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Termites can't eat it - Termites can't get through it


Termimesh, Stainless steel termite barrier that lasts the life of your home. Pensacola Florida

What is Termimesh?

 Termimesh is a non-chemical, marine grade, stainless steel termite barrier, developed out of Australia to protect homes from the attack of subterranean termites, especially the dreaded Formosan termite. It eliminates the hidden avenues termites use to attack homes. Termites can't eat it and they can't get through it, and it lasts for the life of your home.  

Termites can't get through, for the life of your home. Pensacola and Milton Florida areas.

How does Termimesh work?

 It is installed during construction around service pipes coming through the slab, expansion joints to add-ons (garages), and in the cavity of an outside foundation wall (brick veneer) as a physical barrier, sealing off these hidden termite entry points. Technically proven to be 100% effective by the US Department of Forests - a barrier termites can't eat through.  When it comes to new home construction in Pensacola and Milton areas, Nobody does termite pre treatments or termite pre construction better.

Why use Termimesh

The main ways termites enter a home. Pensacola and Milton Florida.

You wont see the termites coming...

  1. 30% to 60% of new homes using conventional pretreatment methods, will have an average of 2-3 termite infestations within five years.
  2. Termites cause more damage to new homes than all natural disasters combined, costing home owners $5 billion dollars a year, and it's not covered by your homeowners insurance.

  • Illustration on left (or above on cell phones) shows where termites enter homes. 

Termimesh plumbing flanges, Pest Safari 404 E. Cervantes St. Pensacola, FL. 32501

Termimesh Flanges

 Pest Safari's skilled technicians will custom fabricate a Termimesh barrier around all plumbing and electrical slab penetrations, eliminating the #2 hidden way termites enter, and eat your home.


Termimesh, perimeter barrier. Pest Safari 5876 Westmont Rd. Milton, FL. 32583

Termimesh Perimeter Protection

 Integrated into the design and construction of your new home, Pest Safari will eliminate the #1 and #3 ways termites will attack your home.  By incorporating a Termimesh barrier behind your brick siding, hollow block foundation walls, and joints between your home and garage, your home will be virtually termite proof.


What do leading entomologists say about Termimesh?

Protecting your new home from t

By the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Pre Construction Pest Control


Pest Tubes

The Ultimate in Pest Control


What are Pest Tubes

The Pest Tubes System is a permanent built-in pest control system that delivers the material directly in the walls of you home via an exterior injection box.

 Our skilled professionals are provided with the most state of the art technology and expertise needed to assure that there will be no occurrence of pest infestations in any room of any home protected by the Pest Tubes System

Pest Safari's Pest Ports system. 5876 Westmont Rd. Milton, FL. 32583

Safe - Effective - Convenient

Pest Tubes offers maximum convenience with a centrally located exterior injection port.  You don't even have to be home for applications.  Since tubing distributes the material within the walls, there is no need for moving furniture, emptying cabinets and closets,or changing plans. 


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