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Termites are the biggest threat to your home.

Termites are the biggest threat to your home!

 Subterranean termites cost American home owners 5 billion dollars a year in damages, in fact termites cause more damage to homes than all natural disasters combined.  In Florida 30% to 60% of five year old homes will have two to three active infestations without the home owner even knowing it.  

Termite Inspections


It's NOT what you can see, but what you CAN'T see that should worry you!

Pest Safari's Infra red termite inspection. 5876 Westmont Rd. Milton, FL. 32583

Infra-red Termite Inspections

Pest Safari is the only company in the Pensacola Florida area that utilizes infrared cameras on every inspection.  Infrared cameras depict variations in temperatures inside your walls and converts them into a color palette. This allows your Pest Safari termite inspector to view not only termites that would otherwise be invisible, but conditions that are conducive for termites, such as roof leaks, plumbing leaks, and above ground moisture issues. All of which may cause a termite treatment to fail. 

Termite penetrating radar. Pest Safari 404 E. Cervantes St. Pensacola, FL. 32501

Wall Penetrating Radar

 Termatrac is a device that emits a microwave signal that can penetrate most building materials. It then sends this signal to a hand held computer allowing your Pest Safari inspector to confirm the presence of termites inside the studs, within your walls, without having to remove sheet rock or damage the structure. 

Termatrac is so accurate, we can trace the termites and find their point of entry within the home. This allows us to perform an inexpensive local (spot) treatment, instead of having to treat the entire structure. After the treatment is performed, your Pest Safari inspector can return and confirm that all the termites are dead and gone. -That's affordable peace of mind.

Termite Treatments

Termite control treatments are a business of technology. Pest Safari 5876 Westmont Rd. Milton, FL.

Termite control is a business of technology

At Pest Safari, we use the newest, most advanced technologies when it comes to termite inspections and treatments, because we're committed to ensuring that termites never damage your home.  In fact, over the past 15+ years, we have treated thousands of homes while maintaining a 99.9% success rate. When it comes to termite inspections, treatments and termite control in the Pensacola and Milton area, nobody's better than Pest Safari 

Precision termite treatments. Pest Safari 5876 Westmont Rd. Milton, FL. 32583

Precision Termite Treatments

Our precision injection equipment will eliminate and prevent termites safely, cosmetically, and with no odors.

Pest Safari utilizes Temidor, a unique nonrepellent, or "undetectable", technology, which termites can't see, smell, taste, or avoid.

Termite extermination bait systems. Pest Safari 404 E. Cervantes St. Pensacola, FL. 32501

Termite Colony Elimination System

Our Advance Termite Bait System (ATBS) will protect the hidden areas of your home by suppressing or eliminating entire termite colonies.

 As termites move into and feed on the ATBS, they redily forage upward into the cell, compelling the termites to infest the bait station.  This process of bait consumption and transfer begins the termite colony elimination process. 

The newest in precision termite treatments

What our customers say...

Kathy Hogfoss, Long time Pest Safari Termite Customer

 Pest Safari has been a refreshing alternative to the "Big Name" pest control companies that charge an arm and leg for their services and use scare tactics to get sales. My experiences with Pest Safari have always been a pleasure, they are highly knowledgeable about Pests and use all of the latest treatment techniques for extermination. They are a prompt, honest and extremely affordable local family business. Do yourself a favor, call them, you'll be glad you did.

 Kathy Hogfoss 

Rick Boehm, long time pest and termite control customer.

 Have worked with Robert for about 5 years. They come out once a quarter which is 4 times more than our last service and if you have something come up in-between services they are happy to come back out.  As for their service, it is outstanding and you could not ask for nicer people to work with.  

 Rick Boehm 

David Sartore, Long time Pest Safari customer

 We have used Pest Safari for the past 6 years and have been completely satisfied with their service. We have never had a problem with bugs. We are now going to use their service to eliminate moles from my yard and expect the same expert results. 

 David Sartore 

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