There are approximately 150 different species of mosquitoes in the United States and a few of these species are carriers of disease like encephalitis, west nile virus and the newly introduced zika virus which the Governor of Florida declared a health emergency in four counties after at least nine cases of the mosquito born virus were detected: Miami Dade, Lee, Hillsborough, and Santa Rosa County.

Mosquito control has been a headache for homeowners for decades. Control methods range from bug zappers to citronella candles to repellents. Many of these methods do not provide long lasting effectiveness.

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The Pest Safari Solution (1):

With the use of mist blower machines, Pest Safari technicians treat all the trees, bushes, fence lines and any other areas where mosquitoes rest during the day. The products we use are very effective and long lasting, killing mosquitoes for up to a month. As soon as the products have had a chance to dry, your family and pets can begin to enjoy the outdoors.

• Long lasting (up to a month)

• Inexpensive

• Safe for people and pets

• Low to No odor

• Wont damage trees or shrubs

• Convenient

Mosquito control treatments. Pest Safari 5876 Westmont Rd. Milton, FL. 32583

The Pest Safari Solution (2):

 Auto Mist automatic mosquito control system:

The Auto Mist system includes nozzles, tubing and a reservoir with a pressurized pump. Spray nozzles, connected by nylon tubing, are placed at strategic locations based on landscaping and structure of the home to create a zone of protection. The nozzles and tubing are connected to a pressurized pumping system that is controlled by an automatic timer.

 Once installed, the system is set to spray on a predetermined 24-hour schedule. The pump draws liquid from a reservoir and transfers it through the nylon tubing to the spray nozzles. Auto Mist covers the area with small particles of water-based insecticide. Using this technology, the system controls insects by killing a large number of insects and lowering the reproduction cycle.

• Permanent system built onto your home and fence line

• Automatic timer allows you to forget about treatments

• Safe for people and pets

• Wont damage trees or shrubs

• Low to No odor

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