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The Ultimate Pest Control

Pest Safari's Pest Tubes pest control in the wall pest treatment system.  Pensacola Florida


 is a permanent system built into the home, that delivers the material directly in the walls and hollow areas, (via an exterior injection box), eliminating the pests right where they nest, hide and breed.

Pest Safari's Pest Port pest control in the wall injection pest treatment. Pensacola and Milton Fl.


 is installed in homes and delivers the material directly in the walls and hollow areas, via a small cosmetic port that is installed below electrical outlets and water points. The material we use in our Pest Ports system lasts an entire year and offers many of the same benefits as our Pest Tubes system.

Ultimate Pest Control Means...

 VALUE: On one visit, our pest control specialists will spend more time, treat more places, utilize higher technology and apply more products than most competitors will spend at your home over the entire year.


CONVENIENCE: Our ultimate pest control means no more worries about monthly or quarterly scheduling for interior appointments or having to clean out cabinets and move furniture. 


SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Pest Safari has the highest trained pest control specialists, using the safest, most advanced products and delivery systems in the industry. We treat the areas where the bugs live and breed, eliminating problems at the source, while giving you a long lasting, bug free home.

GUARANTEED: If at any time the bugs come back, so will we, FREE OF CHARGE. 

Optional Pest Control Services

Conventional Pest Control Treatments

We offer optional monthly, quarterly and one time pest control treatments to fit anyone's needs and budgets.

Mosquito Control Treatments

Both one time and ongoing monthly mosquito services, will ensure you can enjoy your yard, free from biting pests.

Fire Ant and Nuisance Ant Treatments

Take back your yard by choosing one of our multiple yard treatments for many different ant species. 

Ground Mole Eradication

Few things can tear up your lawn like the Eastern Ground Mole.  Give us a call and we'll take care of all your moles. 

Flea & Tick Treatments

Whether your having a problem with fleas inside or outside, we can help with our different treatment options.

Carpenter Bee Control

Are Carpenter bees destroying your home?  We have a solution for you, with our bee treatments and traps. 

What our customers say...

Kim Widmaier, Pest Port customer.

If I could give Pest Safari a true rating, it would be lots higher than 5 Stars. This company is run by professional efficient and effective pest control experts. They are dependable and always do an excellent job. Fantastic people to do business with!!!

- Kim Widmaier

Fred Almada, long time Pest Safari customer.

This company ROCKS! If you're NOT satisfied with your current Pest Control Company and/or are looking for a new Pest Control Company, Pest Safari is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. You'll get A+ services at an extremely reasonable price.

- Fred Almada

Stephanie Wells, Long term, multi customer.

We love how the interior of the home is done by adding the small ports below the outlets and treating inside the walls. Perfect for anyone with children or pets.

 - Stephanie Wells

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 The Ultimate Pest Control

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