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Red Imported Fire Ant


The Red Imported Fire Ant is a native ant to Brazil. It was originally introduced into the United States through the port of Mobile. Since it's introduction it has become the dominant ant pest in the Southern U.S., comprising of about 80% of all the ant populations. This ants sting can be very painful as it has a similar protein venom which is also found in yellow jackets and paper wasps. This means that the more a person is stung, the more apt they are to develop an allergic reation.

Many people try and treat this ant themselves, normally by applying pesticides to the top of the ant mound. The problem with this method is that the actual ant colony can run deep underground. The top of the mound (like an iceberg) is where the ants incubate their eggs, larvae, and pupae. Depending on temperatures, the adult ants will move the young up and follow the sun when it's cool, or bring the young further down if it gets to hot. By only treating the mound, you are only destroying their nursery, NOT the entire colony. This is why you hear people say that they killed one mound, but two more popped up. 

Pest Safari Solution

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Fire Ant Treatment

Step (1) The Inspection: 

 A Pest Safari technician will come out to inspect and evaluate the type of ants you have on your property as well as any surrounding areas that may be conducive for ants. We will also inspect for any areas where fire ants may be entering your home. At this point we will determine which product/s will be best for your home, yard and environment*.

Step (2) Treatment of home: 

 Your Pest Safari technician will specially treat any areas where fire ants are entering your home. This is a critical step that ensures that ants will not be trapped inside your home.

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The Pest Safari Solution

Step (3) Treatment of yard:

 Now your Pest Safari technician is ready to apply the correct product to your entire yard, or specific areas that you want to keep control of fire ants. Depending on the product you and your technician choose, you can expect control to last from three months or up to a full year.

*TopChoice is a restricted use pesticide in the State of Florida and can only be applied by a certified operator, or under his/her direct supervision, due to the danger to birds like the Florida Scrub Jay. Your Pest Safari Technician will be happy to address any environmental concerns with you.

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