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Infra Red Inspection

 Pest Safari provides the most effective and thorough wood destroying organism (WDO) inspections in the Pensacola FL area, (above and beyond Florida State requirements), by utilizing infrared cameras and sonogram termite detection devices.  It's almost like seeing inside your walls.

Infrared cameras can view temperature differences inside walls and convert it into a picture, allowing your Pest Safari inspector to find invisible termite infestations and other problems that would go unnoticed with a visual inspection.

Sonogram wall penetrating termite inspections. Pest Safari 404 e. Cervantes Pensacola, FL. 32501

Wall Penetrating Radar

 Termatrac is a device that emits a microwave signal that can penetrate most building materials. It then sends this signal to a hand held computer allowing your Pest Safari inspector to confirm the presence of termites inside the studs, within your walls, without having to remove sheet rock or damage the structure. 

Termatrac is so accurate, we can trace the termites and find their point of entry within the home. This allows us to perform an inexpensive local (spot) treatment, instead of having to treat the entire structure. After the treatment is performed, your Pest Safari inspector can return and confirm that all the termites are dead and gone. -That's affordable peace of mind.

It's our Experience and Technology

  • Costs the same as conventional inspections
  • Accuracy protects the buyer, seller and realtors.
  • No exploratory damage from screwdrivers
  • Provide reports (13645) VA/VHA
  • Provide pictures and graphs of all findings.
  • Perform inexpensive local (spot) treatments
  • Perform the re-inspection at no additional cost
  • Provide a 6 Month limited termite warranty for new home buyer

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